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A State of Nerdvana


Join us on our tabletop adventure through unknown lands as the players seek to right old wrongs while dealing with their pasts.  Discover this unique story along with the characters!

When we take a break from our story, we discuss fandom and games, old and new.  Come join us for the conversation.

Visit us on Facebook and Twitter, and rate us on iTunes.  Being a geek may be chic, but we were there before it was cool.  Share your thoughts with us!


Jun 15, 2021

S4-E7-VtM Bloodletting

Events unfold at Ricky's house that leave the coterie vulnerable and exposed.

Jun 1, 2021

S4-E6-VtM Bloodletting

Unsatisfied with the non answers they have gotten to this point, the new coterie nails Mike with specific questions.